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Minneapolis, MN, United States

September 12, 2015

Fall - Everything "pumpkin" flavor

"Pumpkin Flavor"
Xbody Handbag

In honor of all things "pumpkin"
this is my addition to the fall collection!

Features include:
* Secure zipper closure
* Exterior pocket (hidden behind the needlepoint)
* Interior stash pocket
* Wide multicolored strap with leather accent
* An autumnal range of colors: Pumpkin, Teal, Blues, Gray, Green...

Fall aside, black is always in season.

This bag highlights lots of great
modern abstract design
with just a few color accents.

Surely a statement piece for any wardrobe.

Or maybe a vintage green is more your style?
This bag has lots of interest and diversity in conbined textures.

With Spring Greens/Gray/Plum/Black
wear it  on either side
for two different looks!

These are just a few pieces for sale at:

September 24, 25, 26, 2015

Mary Jeans - Booth 237

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